"Hush." {cat and Chris}



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❝There was so much blood.❞

Cathryn sunk down beside the sad crying boy, coaxing him into her arms. “Are you hurt? Should we go to the doctor?” She was frantic, checking Chris for any wounds. “Baby boy, c’mon…”

It wasn’t him who was hurt, it wasn’t cause of what happened to him that made him cry. He had just walked in on a murder — the murder of his sister. One of them that is, he was in denial the only thought was how much blood there was. He cried in the girl’s arm, shaking his head. “She’s dead…” He whispered before saying it once more.

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He chuckled and kissed her one more time before getting dressed again.

Once she was done she put the coat back on, “I’ll see you later?” She questioned while fixing her hair.
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He smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed back.

Kissing him she smirked, “I always wanted to… in here.”
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"Okay… I’ll talk to you later…" She said and hung up, laying back down.

He took another nap, waking up and having his first meal of the day before dailing her number.
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Once they got home Kim went inside and up to their room, gasping when she saw that her blood was still on the bed, “Oh fuck!” She said and quickly looked away, “I-I really n-need to clean that u-up…” She said softly.

Stella walked into the home, totally forgetting the fact she was supposed to clean up before her arrival. “I’m so sorry, I was… But I…. I should start.” She muttered quickly. “You just rest, okay?”
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Jake blushed, letting his head rest, letting them destroy him. He had submitted to them, entirely, he didn’t deserve to fuck them. He accepted it, these to girls had successfully dominated him. The only thing from his mind was these two, his precum leaking from his cock.

Jake gazed up at the two, watching Selena finger fuck her cousin, the pair fucking him even faster. To think all of this started one day when Selena reached in his pants at school. He moaned loudly, whimpering after. “T-too… much… too… good..”

She smirked as Bay pulled his hair, tugging it back as she forced him to watch them take his sweet ass. Selena pulled out first allowing Bay to shove the entire toy deep into his ass. The male swallowing it like a pro before she left it there. Smirking Selena went around, stroking his cheeks. “Like that? Wanna clean my fucking cock? — C’mon clean it.”

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Maeleth sighed, “I’m going to miss you when you go back.” She tucked back behind her ear. “You have a job, a wife, and a kid. Ironically I was supposed to be the busy one since I spent most of my time studying in school. Now, I own a shoppe and yet I still have free time. I don’t think that’s fair. You’re supposed to be the one with more free time. You were always out there having fun. Hell, that free time would be great for Baby-cakes.”

Once she began talking he sat up, glancing at her once more. He couldn’t help but laugh a little. She was right about a few things, he was the one always busy doing this he shouldn’t. Always attending the parties and whatnot and here he is now. But least to say he didn’t mind, not at all. ❝She’s not my wife. We never got married, just separted.❞ He told her softly, ❝and trust me. I never expected to have a child. At least not at this age.❞

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Undercover teacher trap. || Madison & Derek.



‘’Cheerleading?’’ She brought out with a slight frown appearing onto her face. She had to admit, thinking of him watching her do some cheerleading moves would turn her on, just talking to him in this seductive way was already getting her hot – which was bad. She had to remember this was a mission, she wasn’t really going to need to pass her tests, she didn’t need to sit in his classroom if she didn’t want to. ‘’Cheerleading is nothing for me, like these splits they do and stuff… I seriously can’t spread my legs that wide.’’ She brought out, there was still a seductive smile crossing her face as she looked at him. ‘’At least like.. I don’t really want to try.’’ She brought out as she gently stroked her hand over her skirt at the side of her ass to pull it down just slightly.

‘’That way?’’ She asked innocently as she let him guide the way to the gym. She opened the doors slowly as a groan escaped her lips because they were quite heavy doors. ‘’Woah.’’ She brought out the moment she saw the huge gym in front of her. She noticed that there was a window above the gym that made the sun shine inside all day, which made it unbearable hot inside and she immediately noticed. She slowly turned her front to you as she walked backwards more into the huge room they had just gotten in. ‘’It’s really hot in here do you mind if.. ‘’ Her cheeks turned red as her eyes looked up at his face. ‘’I like – Don’t want this to sound wrong but yeah.. I could perhaps unbutton one of the buttons of my blouse?’’ She asked, her behavior had just changed into shyness as she let her hand slide over her breast, towards the button, slowly unbuttoning which showed a little more of the cleavage she had going on down there.

She twirled around now turning her back towards you once again. The twirl made you be able to see underneath her skirt just for a small moment. ‘’So, where are the changing rooms? Since.. I don’t really need anything else from this euhm.. hot hell.’’ She brought out as she giggled a little, looking back at him now as she flashed him a dashing smile. 

Derek rose a brow at her frown, she had such a beautiful body why wouldn’t she put it on demonstration. Especially if he was allowed to stare without being criticize severely based on his actions. He could already imagine taking her from behind with that little skirt still on her body, the bows in her hair making it appear she was even younger than she was. And right there he wanted to whip out his large cock and stroke it for her, allowing her to see exactly what she’ll learn how to swallow by the end of the term. A small but distinctive smirk was plastered onto his face. “Oh… Well I heard they’ll help with that.” He told her the thought of her legs opening cause his own cock to twitch in delight. His eyes traveled all over her body, biting his lip softly. “You should at please try. For all you know you can be voted captain,” He teased.

He had always heard the term why everyone came out sweating once done with the gym, even when you didn’t do much it felt like sitting in a hot tub. Once inside he sighed himself walking over to the corner to turn on the ac even if they were only gonna be there for a few minutes — that’s what he had thought before her appalling question. He wasn’t sure really how to answer, tell her to do so it’ll cause her to get the wrong idea; tell her not to well it’ll be a tease to himself. Rather than just watching her he walked towards the middle of the gym, looking back and muttering. “Do whatever you want, I’m not your father.” He told her seeming unable to keep his eyes off her. He knew what she was doing, why she was doing it. He was ready to just push her up against the wall and fuck her but he didn’t know her just yet. He needed to do it at the right time with the ‘right’ motives. Once she was done he laughed softly, biting his lip just a little. “Well come over here, I’ll show you.” He muttered walking towards a door on the far left of the gym. “We also have a gym in the basement.” He added as he waited for her to reach him

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He nodded and sighed softly, “When that shift is over do you want to?…” He asked and but his lip.

She leaned up and kissed him, “mmhm,” she hummed slowly getting dressed.
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He quickly grabbed her arm, “Noooo… But you could kiss me…” He suggested playfully.

She smirked looking down at him, she took a swat on his lap wrapping her arms around his neck before kissing him softly.
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"It’s okay… I just don’t wanna hurt your head or anything…" She said softly.

“O-okay, I’ll call you later though.”
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She nodded, “Oh, okay..”. She said and shrugged a little bit.

Sitting there her brother drove them home.
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